Engagement Photos07.24.11

It has taken a lot to interfere with hardcore procrastination and extreme distractedness to finally get these photos uploaded.  As mentioned in a previous post last year, Carol and I had a photo session for our engagement and out of it came a slew of great pictures.  I figured now was a good as time as any to break the lazy streak and get them online.

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Anniversary Dinner Date07.06.11

Israel and I enjoyed a Fantastic dinner at Antica Posta. We had been looking for an authentic Italian restaurant ever since returning from Italy. The food was amazing and spot on Tuscan style. We even splurged with a bottle of  2005  Brunello from Montalcino – Perfetto!

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Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa06.11.11

We couldn’t be there to tell you in person but we wanted to make sure that you got the message.  Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa.  There aren’t any good songs for an anniversary like there are for birthdays so we took the easy route.  All the munchkins send their love and wish you the best on your special day.


We took two videos.  Piper was upset at the end of the first because she didn’t get to blow out the candles.  After she calmed down we took another for fun.  Enjoy!!!


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Engagement Photo Session04.06.10

While there are no photos to share here, well not yet anyway, Carol and I met our photographer Javon out on Monday for our photo session.  We couldn’t have found a better place either.  Thanks to some advice from Bonnie we decided to use the Gwinnett County McDaniel’s Farm grounds for the pictures.  The grounds were beautiful as well.  We had checked out the farmhouse, barn and trail a few weeks back but nothing was in bloom at the time and while still pretty there was a dreariness to it that the spring growth washed away.

Javon kept us busy.  We gave him an idea of what we were interested in and he followed us around while we had fun traipsing through wheat fields, looking in windows, avoiding bees, swinging on porches and playing in the barnyards – what I can only call being Intimately Playful – these were after-all, the photos that should show our undying affection and love for one another, so we had to do our best to ensure we got the message across appropriately….

I will be certain to put some of the photos on here once we get some of the proofs back in a few weeks.


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Wedding Update02.17.10

We decided not to use a wedding planner and took on the task of researching all the various vendors needed to make Our night run like clockwork.  What an undertaking this has been.  We have been somewhat, if not entirely, consumed by the selection process.  We don’t want to give to much away, but here is a taste of what we decided upon.

With our wedding just around the corner, as weddings go anyway, our first and foremost task was to select invitations.  WOW – Invitations are extraordinarily expensive – and on that note we decided to make our own.  A long and tedious process but financially worth it – (keep in mind that every penny we save goes toward more alcohol for all of you 🙂 ) The only thing Carol could compare it to was working on an assembly line.  I did the computer work and she did the assembly.  They are now complete and will be in the mail shortly – just in case you were anxiously checking your mailbox.



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Dresses. Dresses. Dresses.02.16.10

It has been a few weeks but the selection for bridesmaid dresses has been made.  It didn’t come easy though.  We weren’t sure what color we wanted to use but narrowed it down to a few: red maroon, clover green, marine blue, and black.   Surprisingly the color that came out on top had been tossed around every so often while looking through magazine ads, or shopping in the store, but each of those times either Isi or I dismissed it, our eye being caught by something else.  After seeing the color, Blue Velvet, actually worn by the girls while they were trying on their dresses sealed the decision.



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Our Wedding Page01.19.10

There is a lot of detail that goes into planning a wedding. There are a lot of people that go in and out of the loop or are just curious about how the planning process is going, what decisions are being made, what kind of this or how much of that, etc… Others are just nosy 🙂 I wanted us to be able to use Eternally Chaotic to publish some of those bits.  However, with the anticipation of many updates to come I did not want wedding posts to overwhelm the other aspects of our family blog.  So without further ado I would like to introduce the “Our Wedding” section of our family website. Check back often as there is much more to come.

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My whole heart for my whole life12.01.09

I am not normally a nervous person.  I speak well in front of people, rarely with a slip of the tongue or bead of sweat.  I remember ideas instead of lines to get my point across more on the fly, rolling with any punches that might get in the way, than by recalling words from memory.  I can ramble with the best of them to keep a conversation going while I figure out what point it was I was trying to make…this list can go on and on but I might start to get an ego, and regardless of how inflated my ego might get, not a one of these traits, trained or otherwise learned over the years, helped me one bit on a very special night in November of 2009.


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