A Cat and A Dog11.17.12

Piper has now learned that she can write stories and coerce me to get them onto the website.  How can I possibly say no.  “A cat and a dog” is another adaptation that Piper has decided to recreate in her own way complete with custom artwork and a reading by the author.

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Isaac’s Writes About Uno11.23.11

We found a story in Isaac’s school work about our family dog, Uno.  He loves to watch and play with Uno and we guess he has recently noted one of Uno’s special fall time activities.  Our precious family k-9 has taken to befriending his pillow bed in a somewhat feeble attempt to sate his masculine urges.  I have to wonder what goes though his head when this happens.  Whenever we see Uno partaking in his enjoyment we stop him quickly but I am curious what the kids think he is doing…..Hiyo Silver….Away.


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A week in artwork #202.01.09

Amazingly this week in artwork produced very little from either home or school.  We typically get a dozen pieces between the girls and many others they create or color at home throughout the week.  Violet ended up with nothing, well nothing that didn’t get reduced to scrap as a part of the process.  Piper has the following two.  The first if from school – she loves the Care Bears.  The second was done at Whitley’s house during a visit on Saturday morning with both Whitley and Ansley.

Piper Care Bear Water Color with Whitley and Ansley

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A week in artwork #101.25.09

Every week Piper and Violet spend a great amount of time creating various things.  Be it artwork assembled, glued, colored, cut, stapled, laminated or painted, it seems to come out nowhere and amass in piles throughout the house.  In the past we made a good effort to hang the current picture or macoroni cover plate on the wall in the girls’ playroom, but recently, well lets be honest, since Violet was born, that really hasn’t been the case.

Much of the artwork we get from schools is colored pictures.  Around the holidays and on special occassions we are often suprised to see what each class creates and exactly how much of each piece the girls were able to create themselves.  As Piper has gotten older the complexity of what she brings home, always with a look mommy and daddy what I did smile on her face, has increase ten fold.  We never had a marker to compare with as Piper grew up but with Violet we are now able to see and compare the differences.  You would think it obvious that a 3yo could color more efficiently and precisly than a 1.5yo but sometimes Violet suprises us at how well she can do various activities – maybe having an older sister helps as well.

Now that I have all of this artwork I needed something to do with it.  Since most of it is paper and can easily be scanned in I couldn’t think of anything better than to add a weekly section to Princess Hell dedicated to showing off what our two little monsters princesses can create.

So without further ado here are the first selections to kick things off.

Pipers Computer Violet Colors a Bear

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