Bulls Eye07.30.11

After about two months of talking about it, we finally got our day at the gun range.  Jacob has been very patient over the past few weeks as trips have been planned and rescheduled or rescheduled and cancelled.  Today though was the perfect day and instead of just Jacob and I going, we were all able to go and take our shots.  We headed to Bulls Eye Marksman Gun Club and Indoor Range.

Jacob was interested in shooting his first rifle and after a few months of talking about it and learning the various safety aspects of doing so, it was time.  They both hear me talking about going to the range and have been interested in joining me.  I thought that would be excellent as well and have been working to that end.  I certainly want them to understand and respect weapons as they grow, in particular if they have an interest – one of those instances where if they have an itch it sometimes helps to let them scratch it with you versus with someone else.  Regardless I want them to understand what is acceptable and what is not.  What rifles, shotguns and pistols are for, how to be safe around them and what to know and do when they might handle one.  This was our first hands on lesson.

The day had finally come.  We don’t have a small caliber rifle and I was wanting to start him out light with a 22 so both the noise and recoil didn’t give him a bad taste from the beginning.  The range had a nice bolt action Ruger 22/77 with a low power scope that we took out for a spin.  I was hoping for something with iron sites as a start but this was what they had and we made the best of it.  It was a bit heavy though and there was some awkwardness in holding it because of the weight but the boys made the best of it and shot quite well.

Jacob won the coin toss and got first shot.  He did remarkably well considering he had never shot before and we were in a very crowded and loud range with lots of noise offering easy distraction.  His first two shots found their mark near the center and he was excited to continue.  We let each of they boys run a clip through and took turns at the reload.  Isaac had some initial trouble with sighting through the scope and adjusting to the weight.  We propped it up on a towel that the range had for just this scenario and let him hold it a bit short and he was able to find his mark.  After a few errant shots he slowly worked his way into the black and orange and as the shooting continued he was able to keep his mark most of the time.


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gniklat sdrawkcab10.06.09

If you didn’t get that you haven’t been around the house lately.  Carol and I have upgraded the processors in our head with a newer version that can spell, at high speed, most words, in reverse or decode an incoming message.  With our house having two that can and two that cannot spell we have had to take extra measures to make plans, impromptu comments, curse, or just say something that the kids can’t or shouldn’t here.

This has been fun, if tedious, to learn and do.  The more we practice the better we get at both at the reverse spelling and the listening and decoding.  Now if we could just add a cipher in there in case the kids catch on.  Maybe ROT13…they are still young…that should fool them for a few years.

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Prop8 Opinions of a 3yo01.12.09

An interesting conversation about marriage keeps coming up with Piper.  She is dead set on getting married to either Conner or Will, both daycare companions.  That idea that she understands what it is to be married fascinates me since she is so young.  Perhaps being a self described “beautiful princess” and entertained by various Walt Disney movies where the princess is always rescued and ultimately married by her handsome prince helps a little as well.

It seems though that even with a three year old there are boundaries about marriage that must be understood and obeyed.  This, on top of just the concept, Missy and I both found intriguing.  We certainly expose her to the movies and the concepts and the princess dresses, etc… but we have not really paid attention to the values that she is picking up from such things.

On a few different occassion, mainly to see if the results of our query would be the same across different conversation, as is often not the case when interrogating a three year old, we decided to inject a current political topic into a conversation about getting married to see how she would respond. (more…)

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