A Surprise Birthday Indeed

Posted in Birthdays, Carol and Israel, Family, Friends, Special Events on Apr 20, 2012

It might have been a few months back but that certainly doesn’t change my admiration for Carol getting one over on me for my birthday.  I was prepared the night before that the kids wanted to go to breakfast at the Rexall Grill for my birthday.  Sounded great to me.  We typically spend the day with each other just hanging out and sometimes have over friends and family.  I recall specifically mentioning to Carol that I was looking forward to just something simple with the family this year and did not really want to have a get together or party – just a cake some time with the kiddos.  Next time, as a husband should know at this point, I will tell her just the opposite of what I am looking for…. 😆

Now come Sunday morning, that appointed day of celebration, I am awakened by Carol, who appears to have been up for a while.  A quick glance at the clock and I realize I got to sleep in as well.  I am informed that the kids are awaiting my appearance so that we can all go eat.  After breakfast we are going to meet meet Bill and Mary as Zach and Kari had stayed the night to hang out and play.  All in the car.  A Quick drive to the Grill which is crazy busy…I guess that is what you get on a Sunday mid-morning.  We park next to a Ford F-150 and I remember mentioning to Carol that it looks just like Tim’s truck.  Just a passing comment and we are having a conversation of our own on the way in.  I grab the door, kids and Carol meander in and I follow.  About ten steps in I glance Mary and then Bill.  Thinking to myself it odd that we were going to be meeting them shortly…then I see Brian and Tim and Michelle and Rich and everyone else.  Holy Crap.  I just became the victim of a Surprise Birthday Party.  Carol is awesome!!!  Thank You Love!!!

Later that evening my day of celebration continued when the kids and Carol presented me with Gifts.  Always thoughtful they are all amazing.  Jacob went with a Dr. Who T.A.R.D.I.S cookie jar, Piper wrote me a story called “The Royal Family”, Isaac built me a model A-10 Warthog, and Violet painted me some pictures.  All now decorate and protect my office.  Carol shocked me with her gift.  Truly and Utterly.  I love honey.  She worked somehow silently for weeks, if not months, collecting information and figuring out what the top honeys were around the world, including a sample of what is considered the best, The Royal Sidr Honey.  Each was individually wrapped with a note describing where it was from, how and why it was ranked and what I could expect for flavor.  Truly Amazing.

Thank you all for everything.  It was fantastic to see everyone and this was certainly a birthday to remember….well that and the food was alright too.

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