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Princess Piper’s 6th Birthday Breakfast Bash04.23.11

Upon request the now 6 year old princess Piper wanted to celebrate her special day with a Breakfast Brunch for family and friend.  Pancakes were a must, and as we have learned they are a large part of every up and coming princess’ diet.  The pancakes as were liberal helpings of syrup, scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt and fruit.  A morning feast if you ask the cook.  There was even an option to build your very own BLTs, complete with bread and mayo for those party goers so inclined.

After breakfast was consumed and we all had full bellies it was time to make things official.  Once we stopped singing Piper made her wish and tried and tried to blow out the candles.  Must have been some wish….

She didn’t want to waste any time getting to the gifts (and a few of her guests had to leave early) so we skipped the cake and headed for the treasure.  Plus I think everyone’s bellies were still full from pancakes and BLTs.  She had been telling everyone that all she wanted for her birthday was Pet Shop, My Little Pony and Zu-Zu Pet toys.  Well they certainly listened and delivered and Piper was overly excited and thankful.  After each gift she ran across the room and gave hugs and kisses and thank yous to everyone.  Another thing that she had been asking for was “girlie” games for her Game Boy or one of the other game systems around the house.  Most of what we have (and most of what is out there) is focused either on some generic market or boys – well she wanted girl stuff.  “Uncle” John delivered along with Carol and I at helping with this fix.  In particular Carol found a copy of a My Little Pony game for the Game Boy, something she had been asking for over and over for the past few months.

Auntie Autumn picked up a hula-hoop as part of her gift.  Piper wasn’t really sure what she was supposed to do with it so Autumn decided to demonstrate for her.  Piper still didn’t give it a go but it was certainly worth the entertainment.

The best part though was when Piper received a Justin Bieber book.  I didn’t even think she knew who he was, let alone cared.  Wow!  Can a dad be wrong or totally oblivious.  Piper turned into a pile of mushy fawning pre-adolescence girl, going on thirteen….I’m not sure I am ready for all that.

Happy Birthday Piper!!!

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April Fooled04.03.11

On a recent occasion I had the pleasure of greeting the kids after school when they got off of the bus.  Nothing special or unusual as the big yellow Twinkie pulled up and spit out its contents of three speed wired kidos ready for the weekend.  It was Friday after all, and the Friday before spring break at that.

Each in their own time ran up to, past me and into the house.  I was standing on the porch, leaning ever so comfortably against the railing, enjoying the spring air.  Piper however slowed as she approached and with a wry twist of her expression looked upon me as if I had materialized into some creature from ether origins.  She look not directly at me but above and beside me.  To be certain I was curious.  As she approached, ever slowing her stride with each step until she stopped before me.  Her eyes had grew large and her mouth had dropped open, a small pointy finger came up from her side and aimed at the location for which she was so quizzically focused.

“Daddy! Watch out!  There is a spider on your shoulder!  Watch out!”

All said with such despair that this thing, this monster, this wicked forbidden creature at which she peered had bared its venomous fangs and was about to end me.

I jumped to the side that rush of adrenaline surging through my veins, flushing my cheeks, focusing every sense to a heightened tingle.

Then a giggle, followed by another.  Then those monumentous words said with sheer delight that can only be delivered by a kindergartener that just got the best of her dear old dad.

“April Fools !!! Ha Ha!  There is not spider silly !!  April Fools !!!”

I definitely fell prey to a viscous creature but thankfully it wasn’t a blood sucking venomous eight legged one – although i am not sure which is worse.


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