Uno’s Recovery

Posted in Family, Health on Oct 08, 2010

Many weeks have passed since Uno was attacked and chewed up. He is now without bandages and stitches, done with the daily vet visits, sporting a slight limp that should go away in the weeks to come and mostly back to his old self chasing anything that moves in the back yard.

The owner of the other dog was never located. The vet tried many times but was never able to make contact. He provided an incorrect name, address and phone number. They found him once on Facebook but he deleted his account after they made contact. After a month of trying to do the right thing and get the dog back to its owner, a requirement in our county to receive assistance from the local animal authorities, the decision was made to have the other dog euthanized. Sadly, and probably avoidably, had the mutt had a proper and responsible owner, it was put to sleep last week by the county.

In all the animal hospital took exceptional care of Uno. They worked around our schedule to see him daily for bandage changes and stitch maintenance. Unfortunately they will have to eat a $3,000 bill for surgery and medications.

Thankfully Uno has recovered well and is no worse for the wear. He even has the cool scars to show off to the ladies – granted he is missing all the other bits to seal the deal 🙂 at least he can strut his stuff and look cool.

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2 Responses to “Uno’s Recovery”

  1. mom says:

    So so glad unaduchi is doing good. I miss him. I wonder if his wounds will keep him from jumping in/my lap when I get to visit. He sure is part of the family. Just grateful they were able to fix him up. His spirit, I don’t think, probably never stopped. He is such a good dog. Hi CityBoy.

  2. Autumn says:

    He is such a good dog. I’m sorry to heart the other person’s dog was euthanized, but what is really sad is that had the owner had been a decent person themselves, maybe the dog would not have been raised mean! I think a dog acts the way it is treated! Vicious, mean, etc….I’m sorry but if Uno was like that you would not have that.

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