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Full Throttle04.11.10

Jacob received a remote controlled car for Christmas this past year.  One that can drive over nearly anything, spin in circles, do wheelies, and glow in the dark.  Piper loves this car.  She has only just started learning how to drive it with any control, but half the fun is figuring that part out.  Her and Violet both took the car for a turn around the house.  I followed them around with the camera while they had a blast.  One turn for Piper and one for Violet.  About a week after this we saw the same car on Woot and decided to get one for Piper as an extra gift for her upcoming birthday.

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Slumber Party04.08.10

Two Jamaican Brides and One Curly Headed Princess — 45 Min of tortured fingers
Three Times My Little Pony — Russian roulette with a fairy wand
Hungry Hungry Hippo Marathon — One Mommy with a Migraine
Barbie Bath Tub Party — Barbie needs a maid
Pedicures All Around — Toenails on ground
Snacks at 10:30pm — Energy before bed
Tucked into Bed — Tiredness still forthcoming
Hugs all around — and around and around and around…..


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Yellow River Game Ranch04.06.10

I am never sure whether to feel happy or sad whenever I get to visit the Ranch.  On one hand I am happy that these animals get to live, basically get a second chance, and at the same time provide some up close encounters for the kids, sort of entertainment.  On the other it makes me feel that this is just another form of making money that, while providing entertainment, lacks what it is perceived to offer.  Many of the animals are caged indefinitely without even the chance of freedom.  I can only hope that our kids take the time to appreciate Nature for what it is and the impact that We can have on it in both large and small scale.

Now enough of me on a soap box.  All the kiddos were going to be away for some or all of Spring Break this year so we thought it would be fun to do something out of the ordinary with them before seeing them off.  We didn’t tell them what we were doing until we got there and even then I don’t think they really understood what we were going to do until we started seeing and feeding the animals.  We packed a backpack full of old food stuff and picked up some corn and apples at the concession as well.


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Engagement Photo Session04.06.10

While there are no photos to share here, well not yet anyway, Carol and I met our photographer Javon out on Monday for our photo session.  We couldn’t have found a better place either.  Thanks to some advice from Bonnie we decided to use the Gwinnett County McDaniel’s Farm grounds for the pictures.  The grounds were beautiful as well.  We had checked out the farmhouse, barn and trail a few weeks back but nothing was in bloom at the time and while still pretty there was a dreariness to it that the spring growth washed away.

Javon kept us busy.  We gave him an idea of what we were interested in and he followed us around while we had fun traipsing through wheat fields, looking in windows, avoiding bees, swinging on porches and playing in the barnyards – what I can only call being Intimately Playful – these were after-all, the photos that should show our undying affection and love for one another, so we had to do our best to ensure we got the message across appropriately….

I will be certain to put some of the photos on here once we get some of the proofs back in a few weeks.


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