Glasses for Jacob

Posted in Health, Jacob on Nov 19, 2009

We have a new kind of clarity in the house now.  Jacob started wearing glasses this week at both home and school.  He was having trouble seeing more than a few feet in front of himself and was often found within inches of the television.  After a visit to the optometrist it was determined that he needed glasses.

Well the glasses arrived on Friday and he was able to wear them to school for the first time on Monday.  He was apprehensive about getting made fun of, or called names, but Carol and I have been reassuring him that the opinions of others don’t matter – take it in stride – tell them to mind their own business – etc.  The glasses actually look great on him.  Hopefully he will grow out of the farsightedness, but until that time the frames look good and are tough and flexible.  Now we just have to get him used to taking care of them – extra chores won’t pay for replacements.


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