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Darth Vader died “After” the Clone Wars10.30.09

Nobody likes to argue with their kids.  I know I certainly don’t.  Last night was different, at least for one conversation.  I was making the kids’ dinner and while waiting they became heatedly engaged in a conversation about precisely when Darth Vader had died.  I am by no means any sort of expert on Star Wars or Darth Vader but like many others grew up as a science fiction fan and Star Wars was certainly a topic always near the surface, regardless of my interest.  I was curious about what they were saying though and a thought hit me:  Did I just hear right?  Were the Jacob, Isaac and Piper discussing the finer details about the timeline of Star Wars?  Now granted that Piper has only recently come into this phenomenon, but the boys are knee deep in it.


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Gold Rush Festival10.28.09

Fall is here…although sometimes I think fall actually skips the southeast and winter tries desperately to blow in early, dragging wind and rain with it.  Such was this particular day.  With winter…fall, comes the annual Dahlonega Gold Rush festival.  This was a new festival for the girls and I.  We have been to the Duluth Fall Festival and the Norcross Art Festival but hadn’t ventured out much beyond.  It was fun from the beginning and much, much larger than the others – not to mention more organized.  There were certainly some planned destinations as well.  Carol and Bonnie wanted to eat lunch at the “Smith House“, watch the parade on Main Street, and checkout the goodies offered by the hundreds of vendors.


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Kid Mode10.27.09

Calling all iPhone developers….read all about it.

Just like the other millions or so people around the world we love our iPhones.  The problem is, so do our kids.  And whats wrong with that…why nothing of course.  Who doesn’t want to play an endless array of free or inexpensive games to pass the time of a ride in the van, or listen to the discovery channel, or…well point made.  The damned thing is brilliant (or at least many of the apps are), but I digress.


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Princess Hell10.26.09

Princess Hell is no more.

The site has into evolved into something more grand – originally a place for tales about the girls – it is that and more now.  While there will certainly still be entries about the girls, there will also be entries about the boys, as well and Carol and I, perhaps Uno and maybe even some thought about all the stuff in between.

If the name wasn’t going to be Princess Hell anymore what should it be?  The dilemma of a domain name is not one easily solved.  Many names came from friends and family – some making fun, others serious.  Here are some of them:

  • Im Not Yelling . com
  • Stop Touching Me . com
  • Isi and Carol plus 4 . com
  • My Freaky Family . com
  • Blissful Chaos . com
  • Growing Pains . com
  • Be Quiet Please . com
  • Chaotic Bliss . com

On theme stuck though once we started going through the recommendations – Chaos – Our lives are certainly that.  Now we just needed something to put before or after to make it whole – our life as a family isn’t just chaotic – it is special…more.  We tried hundreds of permutations with the variations on the word chaos.  Most didn’t make sense or were taken – was $2,000 – no thanks.  Then I got a message from Carol one day, completely unrelated, that mentioned the word “eternally” and within a picosecond the name popped into my mind – eternallychaotic – and about another picosecond passed before I had checked the availability of the dot com domain and registered it.  Ok well maybe it took longer than that….but not much…and the delay was in godaddy’s response time 🙂 – and thank the stars the name wasn’t already taken, thus was born.


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Moccasin Creek Camping10.23.09

We recently packed up the van and headed to Moccasin Creek State Park in northern Georgia for a weekend of camping.  Certainly a well needed trip away from work and the daily grind.  Carol had planned this trip six weeks in advance and it seemed to take an eternity to arrive.  Unfortunately not everyone got to go.  Violet had to stay behind from the get-go.   Even though this was a short trip, it was to relax a bit – take deep breaths – wash – rinse – repeat…. and while camping with Violet would certainly prove fun it would also, at least until she is a bit older, be exhausting.  Jacob also stayed behind, opting out the night before, choosing to hang out with Nana, Troy and Violet (we missed you buddy!).


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Bus Stop Mania Resolved10.15.09

Today marked the first day Jacob and Isaac rode the bus into school.  For various reasons it has worked out better in the past to drop them off on my way into work – reasons such as getting to sleep later…and…well sleeping later.  They have however been coming home on the bus for quite a while now and without fear of being run over by the very vehicle that drops them off and is supposed to keep them safe.  Working with the Gwinnett County School System worked out pretty well once the issue was escalated to someone that actually gave a damn…I mean cared.  We found out that there was a bus stop diagonally across the street from our house that the bus should have been stopping at for both pick-up and drop-off.  For whatever reason the stop had been removed from the paperwork that both the particular school and driver use.  So in defense of the driver, she wasn’t even aware there was a stop near us and was just doing her job.

I am glad this is taken care of.  With one car and four of our six going in different directions, all between 7:30 and 8:30, our mornings are hectic to say the least.  My one complaint is that I think the situation could have been resolved much quicker than it was.  It took nearly three weeks of working (or lack thereof) with the local transportation superintendent to realize that he didn’t care about what we needed or had to say – safety related or not – we were just another pair of complaining parent.  Realizing this and believing that we were being ignored we wrote a letter to the county commissioner at the recommendation of Carol’s dad and friend Heidi.  They both work for school systems and had some good advice on how to get the appropriate level of attention.  Once the letter was complete, proof read a dozen times, we stopped before sending it and called another person up the management chain for the transportation department.  She listened to what we had to say, asked for a copy of the letter we were going to mail (I mentioned it to her), and a few phone calls and two days later the problem was resolved.  Thanks Patty !!!

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Piper starts pre-k10.15.09

This week marks the start of pre-k for Piper, about a month behind schedule.  She is still at the Legacy but in a pre-k program that is ran by the state.  Up until recently we weren’t sure she was going to be able to attend pre-k, well at least not the state sponsored version.  Legacy was passed over for the first round of Bright From the Start funding and weren’t certain about their prospects with the second round.  We looked around the area for other places to go but the pickings were slim at best with waiting list after waiting list.  In the end patience persevered, well that and not really having any other options.

We were able to meet her teachers this week at a short meeting where they told us about the program details.  They both, Mrs. Gail and Ms Mayonn, seem to have their ducks in a nice neat row.  Having taught at elementary school and daycare in the past they are both excited to being doing pre-k.  As with every government run program, the state has strictly structured exactly what the teachers can and cannot do with the kids.  There are deviations of course but only off the record.  I think Piper is going to do well and I hope she won’t be on a learning plateau until kindergarten.  If anything she will sharpen what she already knows, add bits more, and be ready to run once she gets to elementary school.

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gniklat sdrawkcab10.06.09

If you didn’t get that you haven’t been around the house lately.  Carol and I have upgraded the processors in our head with a newer version that can spell, at high speed, most words, in reverse or decode an incoming message.  With our house having two that can and two that cannot spell we have had to take extra measures to make plans, impromptu comments, curse, or just say something that the kids can’t or shouldn’t here.

This has been fun, if tedious, to learn and do.  The more we practice the better we get at both at the reverse spelling and the listening and decoding.  Now if we could just add a cipher in there in case the kids catch on.  Maybe ROT13…they are still young…that should fool them for a few years.

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