Six Flags Over Georgia

Posted in Activities, Isaac, Jacob, Photos on Sep 13, 2009

Our school system, Berkeley Lake Elementary, offers a program that lets the students earn a pass to Six Flags Over Georgia if they participate in a reading program that spans the school year.  Since both boys did well last school year and read some or all of a book, about 20 minutes a night, each night of the week, they received a pass to the park.  Before school started again for the 2009-2010 year we took them and had a blast.  They rode nearly all of the rides in the kiddie park and went crazy when we headed to the water slides.  Carol didn’t come into the water but the boys and I did.  Isaac and I went straight to the top to take the longest and fastest slide down.  The lines were short, the water was cool and the day was warm – a perfect combination for roller coasters and water slides.  We convinced Jacob to ride  “Thunder River” with promises that it was “slow” and you were “likely” to not get “very” wet.  He was nervous but rode anyway and had a blast, despite he and Carol getting hit by every waterfall, tidal wave and water gun on the ride.  Isaac surprised us both when he asked to ride one of the bigger swing rides that lift high off the ground and spin you in circles – he rode with his hands up most of the time.

The boys had road most everything they could by early evening.  Troy and Bonnie picked them up and gave us some free time to ride some coasters and grab dinner.  I had only been to six flags once before years ago and only really recall the Superman ride.  We didn’t ‘do Superman because of a very long line but we did do most of the others including a new coaster called “Goliath”.  This thing was awesome.  It was tall, fast and each time you went over the top of a hill or bump you floated until the track started to climb again.  There were a dozen or so such hills and the experience was a blast.  We road in both the front and the back – very different rides.  I was able to get a video as well of us taking a ride.


The night ended with margaritas, chips and salsa and some good Mexican fare at La Frontera.

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